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Blizzard of 2016 slams southern New Jersey with flooding 'worse than Sandy'
Feb 22, 2016

The powerful storm that spawned blizzard conditions across the mid-Atlantic and Northeast blasted coastal areas with intense flooding over the weekend.

The snowstorm hit during high tide, enhancing the surge.

"As the blizzard moved along the coast, strong easterly winds combined with high tide levels, resulting in major flooding along parts of the New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland coasts," AccuWeather Meteorologist Steve Travis said. "Beach erosion was also severe along the coasts."

In parts of southern New Jersey, coastal flooding was higher than during Superstorm Sandy in 2012, Travis said.

Flooding during Blizzard of 2016 nearly submerges car in New Jersey

However, overall damage was not as severe.

In an interview with Philadelphia's WCAU, North Wildwood, New Jersey, Mayor Patrick Rosenello said flooding reached a record high of 9.26 feet, 6 inches higher than during Superstorm Sandy.

Several residents were forced to evacuate, Rosenello said.

Sea Isle City, New Jersey, Mayor Len Desiderio said this flooding event was worse than what occurred during Sandy due to the low temperatures and high winds, he told CBS Philly.

Floating ice chunks were a common sight throughout several towns. Up to 90,000 people were without power in Atlantic, Cape May and Ocean Counties in New Jersey on Saturday afternoon, Gov. Chris Christie said.